Northern Scooter Rally - Thailand


Club members, and intrepid Vespa travellers, Warren & Hayley Jopson, visited Thailand over the festive period. In addition to getting some downtime and warm weather, they were guests at the Northern Scooter Rally in Chiang Mai, the largest city in Northern Thailand, as described by Hayley below…


“It was really refreshing to see so many young people at the Northern Scooter Rally, each sharing a passion for the wonderful machines. We were certainly made to feel like guests of honour. There was literally 3000+ scooters, new and old. It really was a spectacular show and a nice surprise to receive a plaque for our involvement.”


A good few classic Vespas were in attendance as can be seen from Warren & Hayley's photos - Thailand is a country, like neighbour Indonesia, that maintains a very healthy classic Vespa following..


Nicely done, subtle Mod look, GS160…




Classic line-up..


Words - Hayley. Photos - Warren & Hayley

Thanks to Warren & Hayley Jopson; great supporters of the VVC, generous and always happy providing content for the JOURNAL and new club website!

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