Vespa Veteranen Club Deutschland


German Vespa friend, Jorg Hemker from Munster, sent me a copy the other day of German namesake's, Vespa Veteranen Club Deutschland, club magazine. Free to members, 'Vespassione' is published three times a year. At A4 size, it has some great photos and a quality feel to it, printed on decent paper - I can hardly understand a word but always enjoy looking at what's going on overseas.


With the help of Google Translate, below is an overview of VVCD...

“The Vespa Veterans Club Germany (abbreviated: VVCD) is a super-regional association of Vespa riders and collectors, which currently has about 270 members spread throughout Germany and neighboring countries. Because of the decentralized structure, we have established regular groups in Berlin, in the Rhine-Main / Rhine-Neckar area, Hamburg, Munich, Saarbrücken and Stuttgart, where the members from these catchment areas meet regularly. Hans Krüger, a German Vespista of many years, founded in 1988 the club in the former Roller Museum in Aarbergen. Since then, we are particularly concerned with the preservation, care and restoration of vintage Vespas. To achieve these goals, we see ourselves as a contact for owners and enthusiasts of these vehicles. Under the collective term "Vespa" also all Vespa licensees such. A.C.M.A., Douglas, Hoffmann, Messerschmitt, M.I.S.A., Motovespa et al, the Vespa Car "Ape" and the Vespa car "Vespa 400". We are looking for contacts to the manufacturing plants, to other parts manufacturers as well as to like-minded clubs. Furthermore, we support our members in the acquisition, preservation, maintenance and restoration with ideas and advice. The VVCD promotes social and technical events around and through the Vespa, organizes one-day and multi-day retreats and Vespa meetings, and participates in other such Vespa clubs at home and abroad. Three times a year our club magazine "Vespassione" appears, that all members get sent free of charge, paid for by a single annual membership contribution.”


Vielen dank to Jorg for sending me the magazine and for those of you interested in finding out more about the Vespa Veteranen Club Deutschland, you can visit their website here -

If you haven’t already, you can read the second part of Jorg’s friend, Andreas Gattwinkel’s excellent Hoffmann Vespa article, on our VVC News page here