Italian Vespista friend and newly signed up VVC member, Federico Savogin, sent me these photos from Italy. Fede lives in Busto Arsizio, just outside and to the northwest of Milan. In the nearby town of Arese, the IL CENTRO shopping mall is currently staging the PrimaverArese exposition and events this coming weekend..

"At IL CENTRO di Arese, one of Europe's largest shopping malls, comes PrimaverArese with two unmissable events that will take us back through time and let us relive the myth of the Vespa.

VESPA_PrimaverArese_def web.jpg

Saturday March 23 is the 1st commemoration of the historical ‘Gran Circuito’ promoted by the Vespa Club Rho, which will takes place from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm at LA PISTA Aci Vallelunga, adjacent to the shopping mall. The year’s first date in the Italian re-enactment championship, this non-competitive event was conceived for the purpose of showing historical Vespas and reliving classic Italian vespismo races and understanding how these vehicles made the Vespa myth come alive.

At the end of the day the first three winners of the categories will be awarded:

LOW LIGHT: pilots with Faro Basso Vespa and others registered in 1956

HISTORICAL: pilots with Vespas registered from 1957 to 1977

VINTAGE: pilots with Vespas registered from 1978 onwards

EXPERT: experienced pilots with Vespas built from 1946 onwards

TEAMS: Vespa Club teams consisting of three pilots


Sunday March 24 there will be a Concours D'Elegance which will go beyond the mere display of vintage vehicles, involving the owners of Vespas in the most original or imaginative interpretation of the categories which are:





THE MOST FASHIONABLE that will be selected and judged by a special IL CENTRO jury

Many rare models will be on display including the ‘Paperino’, Sei Giorni racer, French military Vespa TAP, Ape Calessino and GS150.”


Mille grazie Federico !!

I would love to see this sort of event put on at UK shopping centres; I can’t quite see it taking off though sadly!