New from SIP Scootershop

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A couple of new items from SIP Scootershop are these new helmets to mark their 25th anniversary and a handy butterfly, or jubilee, clip for those hard to get places on your scooter.

Designed by 70s Helmets for SIP, delivery includes storage bag. Helmets without ECE number but a lot of soul. Link to helmets on SIP website here

"New, a practical product for scooters, garage and household in general:

Hose Clip SIP "Butterfly" in various sizes, 8-12mm, 10-16mm, 12-22mm, 20-32mm, 25-40mm, 32-50mm, 40-60mm, stainless steel, blue/yellow/orange

This handy butterfly tube clamp enables the clamp to be tightened, loosened and removed by hand. No special adapters or tools are necessary. These are especially useful for inaccessible components mounted in cramped conditions, such as carburettors and fuel hoses but also for everything else in the garage or household."

Thanks to Ralf Jodl at SIP Scootershop