Contributions Welcome!

Photo by  Wade Wang

Photo by Wade Wang

The Veteran Vespa Club or VVC, is a club that welcomes all those with an interest in classic, geared Vespas. The new website, as already mentioned, is designed to encourage potential members to join, as well as delivering relevant, interesting and good looking content.

To those ends we welcome all contributions to our new website and JOURNAL (quarterly published members magazine), from current members and also non-members - no matter where you are in the world. The excellent photo accompanying this post was taken by (non-VVC member), Wade Wang in Taipei, Taiwan.

ANYTHING CLASSIC VESPA. If you think it is of interest and something we'd like to view or read about, then we would love to hear from you - whether the story of your own Vespa, or belonging to a friend/someone else, a Vespa project (restoration or 'rustoration'), Vespa touring adventures, rallies/events you've attended, or new parts and improvements for classic Vespas and more...

If you would like to send us your contributions, please email them to VVC Journal editor, Paul Hart - Please do keep in mind, we require well taken hi-res photos.

Thanks/Grazie/Merci/Danke/Bedankt/Tack/Gracias/Terima kasih/Arigatō ; )