6 – Day Racer Replica


There are very few ‘Sei Giorni’ Vespas left in existence - thought to be only ten to fifteen at the last count. If and when they do surface and are put up for sale, buyers can expect to pay far in excess of £100,000. Not surprising then, Vespisti with more moderately sized bank accounts have increasingly been building their own replicas of the fabled 6-Day Racer, and pre-cursor to that most famous of scooters, the GS150. Indeed VVC’s Warren Jopson built his own ‘Racer’ fitted with a GS150 VS1 engine tuned by Bollag Motos. As well as being invited to ride the beast, I got to photograph and write some words on it for ScooterNova magazine Issue 2 – July/Aug 2017 (back issues available to buy on ScooterNova website in case you’re interested).

Olli, who works in the sales dept of SIP Scootershop, is one of the latest to construct a Sei Giorni replica. I say “latest” making it sound like he just knocked it up in his shed; in fact Olli began his project at the beginning of 2009 – only ten years ago then!

Olli Sei giorni2479-1.jpeg
Olli Sei giorni2499-1.jpeg

“It all began with the purchase of an original Sei Giorni fuel tank from 1953. I bought it from my friend and mentor Robin Davy, who no longer needed it. I was always fascinated by the Sei Giorni Vespa models but ownership is difficult, mostly due to their price and rarity. This inspired me to build a replica model, identical to the original factory Vespa models.

The project kicked off early in 2009. After a couple of months, I discovered a Vespa Messerschmitt T2, providing an initial basis. It proved ideal due to its external control cables, a similarly slender frame spar along with the typically bulbous sidepanels.

Then the panel beating stage was reached, legshield remodelling, side panel modification and attachment, along with numerous other details had to be taken care of. The modified V30 steering column, with its trailing-link suspension, required a lot of attention to detail. The adaptation and narrowing of the steering assembly, complete with a quick-action throttle, was especially time-consuming.

My main incentive in this project was to include as many original components as possible and managed to organise an original single-seat, footboard strips, horn, rear light, headlight and various original fixings for my replica Vespa.

Olli Sei giorni2451-1.jpeg

The Sei Giorni models profile is dominated by the fuel tank and the special wheels, which were especially difficult to source. They have the model-exclusive dimensions of a 10” brake drum combined with an 8” wheel rim!

As I intended to use this scooter as an everyday runabout and commuter, the engine had to look as original as possible but still provide decent road performance. An ideal solution was provided in the form of a GS 150 engine fitted with a 172cc Quattrini aluminium cylinder, combined with an external Polini CP carburettor. The four-speed gearbox and the motor’s 20PS ensure a sporty riding experience!


The paintwork required a few artistic tricks for additional authenticity. My Sei Giorni is inspired by an almost seventy year old Vespa, it posed a real challenge to provide the aesthetic icing on the cake. Emery paper, numerous slightly different shaded layers of paint and acids came to use and the result was truly astonishing! Dream realised and now the result of my efforts will be parked in front of our SIP store this summer, as my daily ride!”


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