Less is More – Brighton Mod Weekender

Whilst it’s clear to say that the August Bank Holiday Mod Weekender is growing year on year with scooter riding attendance, the main eye candy has always favoured the Lambretta enthusiast. 2018 was no different in this sense; however there was a notable change within the Vespa riding contingent. 

Previous years have seen many newer models of Vespa adorned with Modernistic embellishment turning up for the event and I had expected to find a similar wealth of Vespa riders on the notable P ranges and Et3’s drowning in lights and mirrors. To my surprise however, it seemed Vintage Vespa owners, although less in numbers compared to Lambrettas, were making a very visible contribution this year - something to be celebrated I feel. 

The quality of these vintage models was also clear to see, as was the rarity of the original accessories that adorned them. The question that entered my mind was, whether this preference is of the current Mod Vespa rider, or is the rally becoming more a meeting of enthusiast and collector than talcum powder floor sliders? Whatever the answer, it was great to see a few more vintage Vespas being shown in their natural birth lines and curves and in better condition than me for their age!