Start Your Own Vespa Collection


Serious collectors build their collections over many years and indeed the owner of these assembled beauties did much the same. A VVC member known to a few in the club, I've always admired this gent's taste in Vespas and his liking for original paint. Thankfully he is not relinquishing his entire collection as that would have been a great shame, but I'm guessing you can have too much of a good thing and the required time and space to get these back on the road may have got the better of him…

Being sold together as a batch for the sum of £60,000 they include..

5 x Douglas Rod type including a very early and rare 1951 model

2 x Douglas GL2

1 x Douglas G


Many of these have original paint under the current layer and most are straight and largely complete. Needless to say, serious buyers only. Those friendly chaps (and VVC members), Roger Green and Neil Humphrey at Wessex Scooters have been appointed to handle the sale of these vintage 1950s Vespas. Whoever purchases this lovely lot will certainly be able to consider themselves a Vespa Collector!