Vespa Comparison - PX150 and Sprint 125 ABS

2016 Vespa PX150

2016 Vespa PX150

“My previous scooters have all been large frame Vespas, mostly PX’s. Most recently, a 2016 PX150, standard specification, except for a dealer-fitted SIP2 road exhaust. I now own a Sprint 125 ABS, 2019 model, which has a very different engine; 4-stroke, with automatic gear selection. The Sprint is classified as small frame.

The PX weighs 120kg. The Sprint weighs 126kg. The PX150 pre-catalyser version produces 9bhp. With SIP2 road exhaust fitted, 10bhp, estimated. The Sprint 125 produces 10.7 bhp.

Ride: The Sprint feels heavier. Low centre of gravity.

Suspension: Sprint harder at the front than the PX.

Handling: Maneuvering, both scooters feel similar. PX more prone to wandering on poor surfaces.

Performance: The PX has good acceleration in 2nd and 3rd gears. The Sprint accelerates well from rest, however doesn’t pull as well as the PX above 30mph. The engine is still running in, so I haven’t tried it at full throttle yet. Riding into a 30mph zone from a 40mph zone, on the Sprint, you simply close the throttle slightly, and engine braking reduces the speed. On the PX, the engine bogs down at 30mph in 4th gear, and you need to change down to 3rd. Going up moderate inclines, the Sprint loses speed, (5mph or so), on a steady throttle, whereas if you change down a gear or two on the PX, it will climb at a steady speed.

Quietness: Sprint much quieter. Engine emits a low frequency purr.

Quality of Finish: Sprint seems to have thicker paint than the PX. The quality of fittings on the Sprint is very good.

Comfort: The seat on the Sprint is like sitting on a pancake compared to the deep, supportive seat of the PX150 70th anniversary model. This is my only criticism of the Sprint.

Ease of Maintenance: PX wins here. The Sprint has a lot of electronic components that may be costly to replace when out of warranty. The 4-stroke engine is more complex than the 2-stroke PX.

Conclusion: Unsurprisingly, the riding experience of the two scooters is completely different; there is nearly 40 years difference between the two designs. My impression is that it would be easier for a rider to move from a PX to a modern Sprint or Primavera, than to move from a twist & go scooter to a manually geared scooter.”

Words and photos by Geoff Woodin

2019 Vespa Sprint 125 ABS

2019 Vespa Sprint 125 ABS

Many thanks to Geoff for this interesting contribution. Geoff also recently sent in his re-cap/review of Jon Steven’s 1962 book, Scootering, which you can read here.