Winter Projects

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Winter if in you’re in New Zealand that is, which applies to VVC member Daniel Wilton. I emailed Dan to catch up with him and see what he’s been up to and he sent me these photos and a few words by way of reply…

“Hello Paul,

I have been a little snowed under with other scooter projects, such as another Motoretta and actual work. There are some things competing for resource at the moment such as an offer to buy a Series one GS 160. I did manage to win the local installment of the Motoretta Giro Internazionale for the second time but other than that I have been flat out. I have also started the final push on my Douglas wideframe 92L2.

I trust you are well



A shame that “actual work” often gets in the way but as we all know it pays the bills and lets us fool around with old scooters!

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Dan contributed a nice article to the JOURNAL (No.78) telling of his experiences riding the NZ Motoretta Tourist Trophy (Scooter TT), completed on his red Douglas Sportique, pictured in the top photo on the left.

Nice to catch up with Dan and also nice to see what’s in his shed. Roy Puttock, another VVC member (Ruby Rides Again - JOURNAL No.77), suggested to me some time ago the idea of running a ‘What’s in Your Shed’ feature. Would be happy to and also would welcome any other suggestions from our members. Of course the success of such items relies on what VVC members send me, particularly as my own shed contains very little in the way of Vespa interest, but plenty of camping gear and assorted wood offcuts..!! Feel free to send me anything you think may be of interest to