Destination - Zanka, Hungary


VVC's intrepid chairman is en route to the coming weekend's World Vespa Days (formerly Eurovespa), staged this year in Zanka (just southeast of Veszprem) in Hungary.

Currently in Rethel, just above Reims, at the time of writing, Roger Smith is riding his Rally 200 in the company of fellow VVC long distance rider, Warren Jopson, aboard his Vietnamese Vespa with Malossi 210 kitted engine. They expect a ride of four days to reach Zanka, although Warren may get there in three!

I’m all for using my ‘old skool’ AA handbook of Europe on such adventures; holding fellow companions up in the process! I prefer to see in larger scale where I’m headed and where I’ve come from; granted this method takes more time but following satnav lacks romance for me..!

Roger sent me the below photos of his latest gizmo which has been commissioned into service for his Hungarian journey, namely an IGPSPORT device actually meant for cyclists, which shows speed - current, maximum and average, distance and height, all via GPS according to Roger.


Will be interesting to see how Roger gets on with it. Photos and report of Roger and Warren’s trip to come in due course. Bon Voyage both, wishing you fine riding under clear skies ; )


Photos - Roger Smith and Paul Hart.