Welcome to the Veteran Vespa Club (VVC)

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Welcome to the Veteran Vespa Club (VVC) and the new 2019 website. If classic Vespas are your passion then we hope this becomes one of your favourite sites to browse.

As you might know the VVC is a members only club, but all of these web pages are open for everyone to enjoy. When updates do arise on club business intended for members only, distribution will be via the VVC quarterly JOURNAL, group emails, the VVC Facebook group and upon request. The online shop continues but is now accessible from Facebook.

This system removes all the previous hassles that members have experienced having to remember their username and password in order to log-in to the members only site. Once current membership is confirmed, and they are initially admitted to the VVC Facebook group, no further VVC log-ins are necessary.

To keep the website interesting and fresh with new material there is a News section. If you have articles or thoughts which are relevant to classic Vespas, restorations, mechanical issues, new products, riding experiences then send them in by email to vvceditor@veteranvespaclub.com.

Similarly if you want your classic Vespa photos on show, there is a Gallery. Please understand though, not everything can be guaranteed to be uploaded. All photos need to be high resolution and if it’s your Vespa, some details about the machine. The owner’s name will not be shown. Please email your Vespa photos to vvcwebmanager@veteranvespaclub.com

To return to the home page, click on VETERAN VESPA CLUB shown on the top left of every page within the site.

Whether you’re using desktop, tablet or smartphone to view these pages, why not create a home screen shortcut and make life easy.

You may notice that the style and presentation of the website mirrors that of the JOURNAL - many thanks must go to David Hardy who has built the new VVC website, as well as being instrumental in the new JOURNAL design.

We hope you enjoy the new VVC website and please pass it on.

All the best – Roger Smith (VVC Chairman)

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Photos by Tohru Ugajin and Paul Hart.