Rally 180 - Coming Soon


Coming soon to an issue of the JOURNAL will be this gorgeous 1969 Vespa Rally 180. Nearing the end of what has been a very wet week in mid-June, and riding almost exclusively in the rain, one welcome glimmer of sunshine was getting to photograph this lovely lady - in not so sunny Reigate!

Chairman, Roger Smith and I thought it would be nice to run a feature on the Rally 180 as it is much less commonplace than its larger capacity sister; with only 26,000 built compared to the 41,700 Rally 200s. After some investigating we discovered only five VVC members own a Rally 180. Fortunately, I remembered seeing a couple of examples at Retrospective Scooters on recent visits to their London workshop. Of the two, and after speaking to Niall McCart at Retrospective, this one seemed more suitable; being the most original. However, following its just completed phoenix-like rebirth, it had already been collected by owner, Pete Butcher, hence the rainy ride to Reigate. Upon viewing the immaculate Rally, I had few complaints, apart from the wet penetrating my “waterproofs” - are any actually waterproof?! Pete was a member of Reigate Scooter Club back in the day and is now a newly signed up member of the Veteran Vespa Club, swelling the club’s Rally 180 ownership to six in the process!

Keep an eye out in the JOURNAL for more on this much sought after model and in the meantime - thanks very much Pete ; )

Pete onboard his beautifully restored Rally 180..

Pete onboard his beautifully restored Rally 180..

Photos by Paul Hart.