The Italian Job

Photo © Paul Hart

Photo © Paul Hart

Not a Vespa, I know, but a stunning 1971 Lamborghini Miura photographed on the Vespa ride into work this morning. A bit self-indulgent perhaps, so excuse me for sharing this with you.

There's a classic car workshop tucked up a narrow alley behind the high street of a small market town I ride through every day, that are specialists for Jaguar XK120, 'C' and 'D' Types, AC Ace and varying historic, automotive exotica. As I ride past each morning, I steal a passing look up the passageway to see if there is anything of interest. This morning I caught the briefest flash of bright orange.. I've never photographed a Lamborghini Miura but have always wanted to for a good few years now and I thought this workshop might well be the place that I'd see one. It occurred to me the orange was unlikely to be covering a Ferrari and I'd never seen a Jaguar wearing orange either? I pulled the Vespa over in the high street, killed the engine and walked over to the gap in the high street buildings and up the alley and there, sure enough, was what I'd been longing to photograph for years - a bright orange, Marcello Gandini penned, Miura... wow!!

I'd arranged to visit a VVC member today to photograph his 1958 GS150, still owned from new. I used up two thirds of my roll of 36exp 35mm film on the Miura but left just enough frames to get some of the GS - more to come on that in issue No.80 of the next VVC JOURNAL.

So, hopefully as you can appreciate, this tale is connected to Vespa ultimately, albeit a slightly loose connection! The Miura is Italian through and through, like the Vespa of course and it also permits me to include the below clip and who wouldn't enjoy watching this, apart from the unfortunate ending that is, and listening to the delightful voice of Matt Monro, who also sang the theme tune to my favourite Bond Film, From Russia with Love. Take it away Matt...

Full album of 35mm film photos I took can be seen here.