Just Married

Photo: ©  Daniel Carmona

Photo: © Daniel Carmona

A classic Vespa would not really be the wedding vehicle of choice, to get you and your new bride to the waiting reception venue, or maybe it would be for a few brave souls.. I don’t think the bride would take too kindly to her finery looking windswept and bedraggled following the ride to the reception venue?

In the sunny and beautiful setting of Saluzzo in Italy’s Piemonte region, where Daniel Carmona photographed this lovely shot, the idea seems perfectly reasonable to me !! Looking at this, it’s no wonder the Italian’s are known the world over for their style. I’m pretty sure this good looking young couple didn’t attempt the ride and risk dirtying their white wedding outfits in oily 2-stroke and no doubt were transported to the venue in a classic Alfa or similar. Anyhow, Daniel took an outstanding photo to mark the occasion and I’m sure it has pride of place in the newlyweds’ wedding album.

Mille grazie to Daniel Carmona for allowing me permission to share his photo ; )