VVC Calendars


During last October’s AGM, we discussed the need for more appealing and relevant items for sale in the club shop. Mention was made of printing club calendars; in the past A5 double sided thin card calendars were produced using historical Piaggio advertising images, with their permission.

I believe we still have access to and are able to use these images for future use. But rather than repeat that format, I’m of the opinion we should have a larger scale calendar with adequately sized day boxes enabling you to write/record events and information. The images could be good quality hi-res photos of members Vespas or perhaps a mixture of historical Piaggio advertising and members bikes.

VVC Swanage event - May 2014

VVC Swanage event - May 2014

Motovespa GT160 basking in the July late evening sun of 2018’s summer heatwave

Motovespa GT160 basking in the July late evening sun of 2018’s summer heatwave

There is probably not much to be made from calendars; given the non-standard size of larger versions and subsequent postage - not that the club operates as a commercial venture, more to provide benefits to its members. Before embarking on the design, layout and photography of a VVC calendar, it would be useful to know and gauge members response to this idea and whether some of you would like your bike(s) to be considered for inclusion.

Answers on a postcard please (email will be fine) to me at:

But don’t wait too long to reply or make your suggestions, as calendars by their nature require a degree of planning ahead regarding printing and not to mention their limited sales window!

Thanks in advance - Paul Hart.