From one of our newest members living in the Iberian peninsula. Bought in the UK in rather scruffy condition whilst studying at university a few years ago now. He restored it and took it back to Europe, where it has been ever since. He is an enthusiastic restorer of cars and scooters, also owning two small frames. With many vehicles from which to choose he sums up by saying “there’s not a week goes by that I don’t go for a ride on a Vespa”

PX 200e Disc

2002 vintage, innocently bought off of ebay in 2011, (probably would be more careful doing so now that I know a little more) Turned out well luckily, first owner had it re-possessed, second owner was an ex-army Yeoman Warder at the Tower of London, from whom I purchased it with 8500 miles on the clock. Now 20000 miles later it has served me well, been through a couple of clutches, cable replacements and the usual annoying glitches but generally an enjoyable ride

1974 Motovespa GT160

Original 160cc engine replaced with P200 (200cc) unit manufactured by Motovespa SA, Madrid. All original factory paint, Vespatronic 12V ignition, SIP Road 2 exhaust.

Photos by Paul Hart

Motovespa 1976


Motovespa GT 160, 1976, 161cc with original Femsatronic electronic ignition. Produced by Motovespa S.A. in Spain. Currently a non-runner, needs new bearings and oil seals. Basically a restoration project, when I finally finish my current restoration job. Purchased by me in June 2018 (right price – too good to miss!)


Vespa 180SS, 1966. Purchased in 2013 with a running P200E Spanish Motovespa engine. An import from Pakistan. Original engine not available. It has been a long time in the restoration and still not finished (Time is not in abundance when you are a full-time carer); though engine now restored (new piston & rings, crankshaft, bearings, oil seals, stator plate and clutch). Wiring loom and cables also in situ.

Motovespa GT160

Motovespa GT 160, 1977, 161cc with original Femsatronic electronic ignition. Produced by Motovespa S.A. in Spain. Restored by the previous owner in 2014/15. Purchased by me in 2015. Photo 2 – pre-restoration

GS160 Mk2

GS160 Mk2 bought from an ex-VVC club member in condition as shown with the stripes and front rack. Rumour has it that it was imported from Italy around 2000 and rebuilt/renovated over the next year or two. It doesn’t appear to have had a hard life with what looks like a believable 57000 kms on the clock