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LAST UPDATED 28th Sept 2016


Again how leasing it is for the club to receive a tribute from the camp site at Highlands End. They have said how pleased they were with the event and that we are welcome back anytime. Well done everyone and thank you to organisors Bob & Geneive & Sue & Dave. See Rallies page.


Some members may be interested in this call for 1950's Vespa. The request has come via Ace Cafe. The VVC is unable to vouch for it's authenticity. Any member contacting maddog does so at their own risk.
1950's Vespa’s and Dancers Wanted For Major Feature Film!
Mad Dog Casting Ltd is looking for people who own 1950's Vespa’s.
The shoot is taking place from mid-September to mid-November
Rates: Dependant on what you do on the day but will be around £100 per shoot day
If you or anyone you know may be interested, please contact:
Frankie Fearis
Email: frankie@maddogcasting.com

VVC UK LIMITED t/a Veteran Vespa Club AGM

Details on Events Page

3 Gear Day Sunday 21st August.

As the organisor it's difficult for me to comment but from the remarks that have been made I feel that we may count this one as a success. Personally I would like to thank those that helped me make the day, namely Carole, my wife who worked tirelessly to assist me. Also special thanks to Richard Rawlins who supplied and organised the skill ride. We managed some fine weather despite all the odds! 40 people attended, 29 bikes enjoying a 22 mile ride out to the Bluebell Railway at Horsted Keynes, followed by an afternoon of fun replicating a 50's style rally with skill rides and novelty events for Vespa. riders and pillion. A fun day had by all. Thanks also to those who supported the event.
For pictures go to RALLIES page.
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The club was well respresented with a stand at both the VCB Bristol event last weekend ( 15th/16th July) & at Capel Manor Scooterfest (17thJuly)
Our thanks to the Chairman and those members who attended. Ashley Lenton displayed his VCB cog badge collection at both events, a number of member's interesting bikes were also displayed.


How good it is to receive a genuine thank you fromn the Caravan site at Rivendale where we held our Spring event.
" I just wanted to mention what a pleasure it was to host your Vespa rally; most of our regular customers have a pretty jaundiced view of rallies for reasons you will imagine.
However, in this case they thought the participants were great – knew how to have fun without being a nuisance - were interested in the scooters (probably rekindled some memories of their own misspent youth) and everybody got along fine with the Spring singers rally as far as I could tell, which was on at the same weekend.
Special thanks to you both for making such a good job of the organisation and making it all go off so smoothly – hard work and often a thankless task, handled with equanimity. Best wishes to you and your Vespa club mates!"
Staff at Rivendale.
Greg Potter For Alsop Rivendale Ltd

A credit to all those who attended and to Leslie & Stephanie the organisors.


Given that we have not received any interest in the role of Web Manager, Peter Rose is upon reflection happy to continue in this role. We received one volunteer to take over the club shop. Unless there is any other interest prior to the AGM this member will take over the role of the club shop w.e.f. the AGM.


There have been suggestions that our web site is too big. It is with this in mind that we are considering reducing the number of pages/information available. With the surge in Facebook activity we are also finding that the Forum is not used by many members and have to consider whether this is worth continuing with. Any comments would be welcome on the GENERAL CHAT FORUM or by e mail to the web manager via the contact page.


Ten of these cogs have been in 'cold storage' for a few years and are now available for club members to purchase at £25 each. Available in the Club Shop. These werre thye very last Vespa cog badges made by London Name Plate Company of Brighton who have made the Vespa club's cog badges since the 1950's.


There is now a new feature, an alert e mail will now be sent to the member who originally posted a new topic when there is an entry on that string. Notifications will only work for NEW topics made from 29th Feb 2016. Older topics don’t record who was the original poster.

2015 AGM

In brief, numbers were down a bit this year. The Chairman was able to report another successful year with 3 events having taken place. The treasurer reported that the club remained in a healthy financial position despite having spent over £5000 from reserves for rallies during 2014 our 50th anniversary year. Membership hovered around 500. There followed an outline of events planned for 2016 & 2017. For 2017 the Family Membership fee will increase to £25. Jet Whittle was awarded Hall of Fame status. Carole Rose received the Margaret Farquhar ladies trophy and Warren Jopson the President's Award. Most of those attending stayed for the evening dinner in the hotel. Copies of the minutes & 2014 accounts may be read on the 2015 AGM page. Click Here,

Facebook VVC

Within the committee and the core of the club there is currently a debate about the VVC Facebook page which currently has some 1200 members and is very active, only about 200 of whom are probably actual VVC members. Should we:
1) Leave well alone,.
2) Make the existing Facebook page a community page for all and at the same time create a VVC members only page.
3)Make the existing Facebook page available only to actual VVC members
4) If we proceed with (2) then dispense with the web site Forum on this website which has become less active due to the success of Facebook. Please either send your views to web manager via the contact page, or make your views known on the website forum in the existing post.


At a recent Committee Meeting it was agreed that the VVC Weekend Rally Fee commencing 2015 will be increased from £10 to £20 per member or member & family member. It was also agreed that all future VVC rallies will be Members Only. To attend a VVC event a participant will need to have joined the VVC.


The Club is affilated to the BMF. This means that every VVC member is also a club member of BMF (British Motorcycle Federation) As such all VVC members can benefit from their membership Discounts. See BMF in Members Section.
Latest 2016 Offers


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Dont forget that as a member you are able to register details of your bike with the club. Please do update your details. Go to Members Log In, then Your Portfolio

1950's - 1960's VESPA CLUBS

If you are old enough to have any old photo's or information about former Vespa Clubs do send them to the club. We are trying to build pages for as many of the old clubs as possible to provide a History Reference point. Please use Contact us page: Contact Us