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Our membership secretary is moving house on the 10th Feb. Please be aware that there may therefore be a delay in processing both new & renewal applications whilst new e mail connections are established at his new address.


Scooter weekend...Scooter Exhibition Opens – 21st May
British Born, Italian Matured, Adopted by a Rebellious Youth. The exhibition highlights the birth of the scooter through to its ‘Mods’
adoption in the 60s. In the 60’s a UK group of youthful fashionista’s known as ‘Mods’ took the scooter as their transport of choice. The scooter in all its guises has assumed cult status. Dedicated to two wheeled drivers the weekend focuses on the 60’s and the fun of the era – talking ‘bout my generation! Café 750 will have a special menu and anyone arriving on two wheels can get into the museum for group rate. “It’s now or never” - let your hair down and enjoy a ‘cool’ day out at the museum.

See Below for more information:

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Details of our2016 events are on the Events page. Despite no weekend Summer field event this year. Provisional arrangements are in hand to hold a one day event specifically focussed on 3 gear Vespa in August.
VVC members who are also VCB members may wish to consider the VCB Bristol rally in July. Should the VVC situation change then we will advise members.
If you are not a VCB member you will need to join VCB to attend their event.

2015 AGM

In brief, numbers were down a bit this year. The Chairman was able to report another successful year with 3 events having taken place. The treasurer reported that the club remained in a healthy financial position despite having spent over £5000 from reserves for rallies during 2014 our 50th anniversary year. Membership hovered around 500. There followed an outline of events planned for 2016 & 2017. For 2017 the Family Membership fee will increase to £25. Jet Whittle was awarded Hall of Fame status. Carole Rose received the Margaret Farquhar ladies trophy and Warren Jopson the President's Award. Most of those attending stayed for the evening dinner in the hotel. Copies of the minutes & 2014 accounts may be read on the AGM page in the Members area.

Paisley Vespa Club

A history of Paisley Vespa Club has been added to the history of VCB clubs in the Members Area.

Facebook VVC

Within the committee and the core of the club there is currently a debate about the VVC Facebook page which currently has some 1200 members and is very active, only about 200 of whom are probably actual VVC members. Should we:
1) Leave well alone,.
2) Make the existing Facebook page a community page for all and at the same time create a VVC members only page.
3)Make the existing Facebook page available only to actual VVC members
4) If we proceed with (2) then dispense with the web site Forum on this website which has become less active due to the success of Facebook. Please either send your views to webmanager@veteranvespaclub.com or make your views known on the website forum in the existing post.


Vespa World Days 2016

Vespa World Days 2016 current information about the St Tropez event.

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NEW ITEM IN CLUB SHOP. VVC Neck Warmer @ £6.

Members may purchase this in the club shop/members area.

Capel Manor Enfield 2015

The club had a stand, thankfully the weather turned out fine. An opportunity to meet old and new members.

Vespa World Days Croatia 2015

Bob Box, Roger Smith, Warren Jopson, and Peter Harris all rode to Croatia for Vespa World days, three of them were on 1950's GS150's. they have hundreds of stories to tell, these will appear in the Journal some time soon, in the mean time below is a link to our photbucket site with Bobs pictures of this epic event, well done you guys!
Croatia World Days click here

Your Club Needs You

We operated the Buddy system for the first time at the Ledbury Rally and this proved very successful. However the pool of buddies is a bit small. We need more riders to volunteer for this, you will only need to do it once over the weekend, and it wont impact on your enjoyment of the ride out. Ideally it is best if solo riders volunteer for this role, this is simply because if your are helping to support a rider in trouble and get caught short, us men can easily pop behind a tree, our "scooter babes" will find this somewhat more difficult. So please come forward at our next rally and help, it will be very much appreciated by everyone.

VVC Health and Safety Policy 2015

The VVC health and safety policy has been updated to reflect the introduction of a "Buddy System" for ride outs. The link to this is as always at the bottom of the home page. Please take a minute to have look, if you would like to volunteer as a buddy any member of the committee would love to hear from you. Having a good pool will ensure we have great ride outs where we look after each other and above all HAVE FUN !!


At a recent Committee Meeting it was agreed that the VVC Weekend Rally Fee commencing 2015 will be increased from £10 to £20 per member or member & family member. It was also agreed that all future VVC rallies will be Members Only. To attend a VVC event a participant will need to have joined the VVC.


The Club is affilated to the BMF. This means that every VVC member is also a club member of BMF (British Motorcycle Federation) As such all VVC members can benefit from their membership Discounts. See BMF in Members Section.
Latest 2015 Offers


What a great place to promote the Veteran Vespa Club. We had a number of members bikes parked outside the Mozzino Expresso Bar which attracted a good deal of public interest. The bar itself, although small has been given a thoroughly retro style. Together with plenty of 50's Vespa Club photo's supplied by the club, very good coffee and pastries the whole presentation is very 'tasteful' The bikes outside pictured below were there only on the 10th August. The pictures and Vespa related items in the bar (not the bikes outside) will stay for a while, give them a visit if in London,


It seems that this is a growing problem. We have the kind permission of the LCGB to offer a link on this site to their National Stolen Scooter Registry, NSSR, which is for all makes of scooter. Click Here


Click Here


Dont forget that as a member you are able to register details of your bike with the club. Please do update your details. Go to Members Log In, then Your Portfolio

1950's - 1960's VESPA CLUBS

If you are old enough to have any old photo's or information about former Vespa Clubs do send them to the club. We are trying to build pages for as many of the old clubs as possible to provide a History Reference point. Contact