Secretary role

As you will have already read due to pressure of family & work our Secretary Chris Wainwright is stepping down from the post at the forthcoming AGM in October. He will also step down as Editor of the Journal. Chris will continue to edit the Journal until the end of 2017 for which we are grateful, this will then allow a smooth transition. The role of Editor is not a Committee position, a new Editor has come forward and it is hoped will shortly be appointed by the committee to commence in 2018.

The role of Secretary and Director of the Ltd Co., is a role for which we need to invite nominations by the members. As is customary if there is more than one nomination then there will be a vote at the AGM. We therefore invite nominations for this role. Any nomination must have the agreement of the person concerned, there must also be a seconder. Chris Wainwright will provide a job description if requested. All nominations must be made in writing to the Secretary before the closing date which will be announced when notice of the AGM is formally made.

Meanwhile the Chairman, Treasurer & committee would like to thank Chris for all his hard work & dedication during his term as Secretary.




VVC Store


Members may purchase pale blue t shirts and polo shirts at 50% discount whilst stocks last.  End of line.


There are a number of these available in the club shop at £20 each.

New Web Site


Please be aware that we launched this site on the 1st May 2017. Although it has been well tested beforehand, please be patient if there are any glitches needing to be dealt with. The Forum does not presently accept images(photos) we will offer this shortly.

Also please be patient with registrations for the Member’s section. All applications have to be dealt with manually.

There may be a delay in activating registrations of members during the next few weeks as VVC members are away at Vespa World Days and on holiday.

The site is now https secure.

Profile pictures can now be uploaded. Go to Forum/My Profile/Account/Avatar/Upload an Avatar (Profile picture)

We still have a technical problem with the upload of pictures on the Forum, but this is being worked on.

Regarding the old Forum, we regret that the old site worked on a bespoke system where it has been impossible to migrate the content.

The e mail system is now all working correctly as is the Contact page.


Your Vintage Vespa


We understand that w.e.f. January 2017  the major petrol companies increased the amount of ethanol in their petrol from 5% to 10%. This can have a detrimental effect on the  rubber and plastic components of our bikes. We suggest that you use Premium fuels and/or any appropriate additives.

VVC Events 2017-2018

2017 ( For details & BOOKING of these events see Member’s Events in the Member’s Section)

All VVC events must be booked beforehand and are open only to VVC members:

Spaces still available fo remaining 2017 VVC event below.

Autumn riding event: Buckinghamshire 9th – 10th Sept  Bookings close 30th JULY. Places limited to 50.

AGM: 21st Oct Leamington Spa. It is intended that there will be an auction of Vespa memorabilia that the club holds, at the AGM


Summer. Southern Ireland. Provisional date 19th – 22nd June. Midweek, to follow on from the VCB World days in Belfast

Autumn riding event in Norfolk 14th – 16th September