Due to ill health I regret that I will be stepping down from the role of  VVC Treasurer 31/12/17. I have held the post since 2005. I have resigned as Director w.e.f. 16/11/17) I have served as a Director since the Company was formed in 2009 and prior to that served on the committee since 2002. Whilst Treasurer I also held the post of Membership Sec for 3 yrs and managed the VVC shop with the help of Carole, my wife, for around 12 yrs.

I have also transferred my responsibilities of Web Manager for this site to Alan Springall, your new Web Manager w.e.f  21st Nov 2017. A post I have also held almost continually since 2004

Time for a rest I feel. I wish the club well for the future.

Peter Rose.


VVC Events 2018

 ( For details & BOOKING of these events see Member’s Events in the Member’s Section)

All VVC field & riding events must be booked beforehand and are open only to VVC members.


Spring event Stratford upon Avon May 18th – May 21st. (See events page for information & booking).

Summer. Southern Ireland.  19th – 22nd June. Midweek. Come and enjoy amazing rides on quiet country roads with wonderful scenery.

To follow on from the VCB World days in Belfast (See events page for information & booking)


(Provisional) Summer Essex Ride out day.  8th July ( Details to follow) (Not yet confirmed whether this will be an actual  VVC event or an invitation to VVC members by another group)

Autumn riding event in Norfolk 14th – 16th September (Details to follow)

AGM: October

Editor VVC Journal

We are pleased to confirm that Paul Hart has agreed to be our Journal Editor w.e.f. 2018 Spring edition. Paul has been a member of the VVC  for a good many years and at one time was a committee member. In more recent years his dedication to Vespa has been expressed through his other interest in photography. He may be known to many of you as vespamore photography. More recently he has become a regular contributor of articles to the new ScooterNova magazine. We are pleased to welcome him on board. We are sure that he will bring his own style and innovation to the Journal and look forward to his Spring edition

Any budding writers out there?  Paul would be pleased to receive any contributions. Only good quality photos though please Reach him through the contact page.

Your questions answered on the ‘Structure of the Club’.

Following debate on Facebook there seems to be some misconceptions about the structure of the club and why we are a Members Only club.

Back in 2009 it was decided to form a Ltd Company VVC (UK)LTD t/a Veteran Vespa Club. This was done to protect all member’s personal liability. Without the Ltd Company members were individually and collectively liable should the club be sued.To protect our members we became a Ltd Co by Guarantee which means that each member has a liability of only £1. In other words your own assets are protected. At the same time the club and its Directors became members of the BMF (British Motorcycle Federation) which also gave members certain protection. Our Insurance also requires that we are a Members Only organisation, otherwise the policy costs escalate.

As a Limited Company we become liable to Corporation Tax. To aleviate this cost we have to be a Members Only club and have the status of a Mutual Association for tax purposes.

The moment we open our doors to everyone, all our dealings with non members, even on an occasional basis, become  liable to Corporation Tax. If we are seen to do this then we loose Mutual Association status. This could result in all membership fees, rally fees and shop prices increasing.  Because of our relatively strong financial base we could sustain losses for a few years but not continually.Our events are therefore all Members Only.

Also there has been debate about road events. In todays world we are governed by RAC/ACU rules. We are not able in law, to do the things that we did in the 60’s like good old fashioned timed road trials.

Contrary to any opinion this club does not have a rule book. What we do and how we operate is governed by  both the law and insurance requirements.  We do have a constitution which states what we are about as a club. As a Ltd Company we are also subject to Company law, Tax law and our Memorandum & Articles of Association.

The club decision to restrict Facebook to Member’s only was as a direct result of the man hours required to moderate  an open group, now a closed group and much more manageable.

Peter Rose

Treasurer & Web Manager. Director VVC(UK)LTD



New Dealer Discount

We are pleased to announce that James Barnett (VVC Member) of Classic Scooters UK Ltd has agreed to offer 5% Discount to all VVC members.

At Classic Scooters UK Ltd we buy and sell only AUTHENTIC Classic Vespa and Lambretta Scooters.

That means 5% off the advertised price of the scooter!

Please see Discounts page in Members Services section for full details. 29/08/2017

Recent Events 2017/18

Irton Hall. July 2017

See article in Cumbriacrack newspaper about our Irton Hall event.




Milton Keynes September 2017



Newark Show January 2018 

A BIG thank you to all the “Team Scooteroller” for putting on a great display of Vespa scooters at the Newark Show and promoting the Veteran Vespa Club.
The response from the public, as well as fellow Scooter enthusiasts, was fantastic. It was great to see so many VVC members in attendance, especially some of the faces we don’t usually see at the VVC events.
We even had a wee laddy pose for a photo, who some members might have just heard mentioned a time or two,