New Web Site


Please be aware that we launched this site on the 1st May 2017. Although it has been well tested beforehand, please be patient if there are any glitches needing to be dealt with. The Forum does not presently accept images(photos) we will offer this shortly.

Also please be patient with registrations for the Member’s section. All applications have to be dealt with manually so could take a few days, but we will do our best to be prompt.

The site is now https secure.

Profile pictures can now be uploaded. Go to Forum/My Profile/Account/Avatar/Upload an Avatar (Profile picture)

Regarding the old Forum, we regret that the old site worked on a bespoke system where it has been impossible to migrate the content.

As of the 17th May the e mail forwarder system has failed. This was still working via the old web site whilst we structured a new forwarder system. This is almost done by our tech guy, so the problem should soon be resolved.

Web Manager